NEWSMEN A/v Project

NEWSMEN (FKA Limited Edition Prince)

NEWSMEN is an A/V project HJN launched in lockdown, while learning how to use a green screen and video editing software. All instruments, and video parts produced and made solo.  


We’ve been working on a new EP but we don’t get much studio time together these days, then when we do we keep getting into arguments about our musical direction. More soon! 

You can see the previous NEWSMEN / Limited Edition Prince videos here.


Even is a small working group that I am part of.

EVEN is a group that has been organised to establish a new permanent venue in Norwich for experimental music, moving image, performance, literature, and even…
Even, working alongside invited organisers and promoters based in the city, presents a rich programme of music, sound, performance, literature, poetry, and film throughout the entire month of May.

The month of events begins on Bank Holiday Monday with screenings of celluloid films from the East Anglian Film Archive that explore the radical and popular origins of May Day. As well as Even’s own programmed events, we have invited the noise collective Euphrasie, writer Rose Higham-Stainton, and promoters Cinecide. 

The Undercroft, Norwich, NR21ND
All events will take place at The Undercroft Gallery, Market Place, Norwich. 

Even is a voluntary organisation that does not receive any public funding or support. All events have a paying bar serving soft and hard drinks. Income from the bar and ticket sales goes towards venue costs and artist fees.

A video and objects for The sainsbury centre

Join me on a virtual tour of The Sainsbury Centre in Norwich, where I highlight some of my favourite objects from both inside and outside the building.

As part of an exhibition in the display cases at The Sainsbury Centre, Feb-May 2023. 


The objects made for the video above where exhibited in the display case as part of the exhibition, with a QR code on the case linking to the video. 


Photographs by Katharine Mager



A self referential loop, covering several aspects of my work and the difficulties of explaining what you do when your mind never stops making noise.


Shown as part of ‘Squeeze Crush Press Blush’, De Hallen, Amsterdam, 2022.