tier_plus_festival began as an all-day festival and camp out in 2021 to meet, share and celebrate the community that formed around radio_caroline and tier_plus radio stations during the national and international lockdowns. The festival returned in 2022, moving the festival site down into the trees and opening The Lord Nelson pub. 

Saturday 9 September 2023 

New for this year, the stage will be under a large stretch tent, set among mature trees. The Lord Nelson pub will be back on site, and there will be vegetarian and vegan global street food served by Veg Tubby. As usual there will be a big PA soundsystem. Line-up to be fully confirmed shortly.  

If you are listening on a phone:

Due to the file size, Google adds a warning on the files, you just have to click PLAY ANYWAY. If you are using phone, and cannot see all of the blue Google message, turn your phone landscape or click the button with the box and arrow to listen directly on Google Drive.